Resolution in Action

Resolution in Action

AWT is supporting the Resolution 1325 adopted by the United Nations Security Council and supporting the entities working for its implementation in Jordan.

22 Nov 2016

Landmark Hotel, Amman –  The Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) is devoted to the conduct of comprehensive studies and assessments of women-related legislation. They are dedicated to support mainstreaming of a gender-equal perspective in all areas of policy. This is carried out with the objective of improving the status of women and enhancing their role in national development.  

In late November, the JNCW organised a project entitled “The Jordanian Hashemite fund for Human Development JOHUD”. This project received generous funding from the Government of Finland in order to facilitate the best resolution implementation in the country of Jordan.  

As a result, a National Coalition (JONAP) has been established with the purpose of creating a follow-up and evaluation plan for the Resolution 1325. This resolution was adopted by the Security Council in 2000, focusing on the women, security and peace in Jordan.

When put into practise, JONAP hopes to increase women participation in the security sector (civil and military) and the peacekeeping missions. Also it hopes to reach constructive women participation in peace operations countering violent extremisim too. Moreover, increased services resposive to gender will be provided including phsycological, social, legal, and medical services. This hopes to support the most vulnerable of society in the host and refugee communities of Jordan.

AWT believes it is imperative to share input in this area of gender advocacy due to the years in which we have worked in this area. Similarily, a elected committee has been established within our organisation to stay current with government leglisative progress. For this reason, we can share information gathered and network with organisations of the civil community to collectively work towards the best implementation of this resolution.