It is interesting to note how the intrinsic value of partnerships seems to increase exponentially during difficult times. We have been delighted to be involved in training and discipling Arab women leaders for over a decade. In the last few years, Jordan has witnessed the heart-wrenching difficulty experienced by thousands of refugee women and their children as a result of the ongoing hostilities in this region. ACCTS-AWT alone cannot come close to serving these people to the extent that is needed. It has been doing its role to meet as many needs as it can. Besides the partnerships that strengthened the organization and the people whom we have been serving for some remarkable years!

Thanks for all of our ACCTS-AWT partners in the great work to reach out to people. Together, we have been able to sharpen one another, encourage one another, and share the love of God by serving the people. So, accept our thanks to you for uniting with us through your financial, physical, and spiritual support to make a greater Arab world!

Please take note that some marvelous organizations have helped us meet the needs of Arab women leaders and Syrian refugees in the Middle East-North Africa region.