To see the Arab community living in peace and harmony; empowered in spirit, soul, and body.



• Reinforcing intellectual freedom and acceptance of others in society.

• Developing individuals in spirit, soul, and body to participate in building the society.



• Openness

• Integrity

• Transparency

• Respect

• Creativity

• Courage


Goals and objectives

• Encouraging positive practices for community development through holding seminars, specialized conferences, and other available means

• Seeking to build bridges of cooperation and partnership with official and non-official bodies and organizations to achieve common objectives

• Building the individual’s capacities through holding specialized conferences and training courses, and using all available means to provide consulting and guidance services

• Building bridges of open dialogue to promote freedom of thought and cultural exchange

• Working to raise awareness among community members about new and relevant amended legislation

• Equipping and developing the individual in leadership skills through training programs

• Carrying out social responsibility through providing various services (relief, medical, and educational, to name a few)

• Building the institution’s capacities in terms of competencies and resources