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"Her Factor" and the Freedom Ride Advocacy Campaign

ACCTS July 2020 Release

"The God of heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will arise and build." Nehemiah 2:20

We thank our God, who granted us success and paved the way for us to reach the finals in the 2020 Religious Freedom and Business Film Competition. Glad to announce that our short Jordanian film "Her Factor" won the first runner up prize!

We invite you to view the award ceremony for the film festival on Saturday, Aug 1, 2020, at 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (the US and Canada). We would love for you to attend and cheer us on. Registration is required.

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Dear friends and partners,

Nowadays, there is a vast need and responsibility to advance the economic empowerment of women in Jordan and the Arab World. It has a significant impact on improving the wheel of economic development and enhancing the productive role of women in increasing the country's total income and family. The Covid-19 pandemic was disastrous for many women in Jordan, which weakened efforts to increase women's participation in the Jordanian labor market, and the Arab market.

For that purpose, ACCTS, on August 1, is launching a community campaign on the media and social media platforms and panels, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of women enrollment in the workplace and obtaining equal opportunities and rights similar to men. 
Wherefore, we invite you to a live panel discussion with distinguished guests to explore the campaign on Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020, at 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (the US and Canada). 

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Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi


From a short film into an Advocacy Campaign

The winning film
Her Factor is AWT's first documentary, short film production. It has just won the First Runner Up prize in the Religious Freedom & Business Film showcasing inclusivity and multi-faith collaboration in the workplace, marketplace and society in partnership with Empower Women Media. The short film is a crucial part of the campaign and addresses women's empowerment in the Middle East, focusing on the challenges Jordanian women face in the workplace. The competition finalists hailed from Afghanistan, Canada, India, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and the US. Proud of our son Randy who directed the four-minute film.
You can find all the winning and finalist films
(password: Film2020)

We aim from this advocacy production to raise our voice to enforce the laws that protect marginalized women from living in poverty. We looked for this issue during the film shoot through the lens of multiple personalities from every spectrum of society. It made us demonstrate the importance of upbringing in the home in reinforcing equality between sons and daughters and reflecting the decent relationship between husbands and wives and any male-female relationship such as the student and his teacher, the manager and his employee or vice versa, which renders equality and economic empowerment an integral part of daily life.
You can watch here the
trailer, and stay tuned to watch the whole film.

We intend to share Her Factor with the significant formal and non-formal institutions in the west and Jordan. Together with your support, we can initiate change to allow women to play a more influential role in our nation's economic development.

 Ghina Campaign

Hence came the idea to launch our campaign focusing on three dimensions: legal to educate women about their rights in the law. Social that sheds light on several harmful traditional and social beliefs and practices that hinder women's human rights to live an abundant life and get fair treatment concerning their economic status. The last dimension is personal and equips women with knowledge and skills through practical empowering teaching tips that help them pursue financial independence, enroll in the workplace, and become active members of society. The campaign title is "Ghina," an Arabic word that means richness, because we want to see the woman rich in herself, empowered and capable of penetrating all areas of life with confidence.

Meet Jwana

Choosing to go back to school as a grown woman with kids was not a natural choice; nevertheless, Jwana made this choice after attending one of ACCTS networking conferences for women leaders. Empowered with new fervor and skills, Jwana decided to open her own small business that expanded from a small shop to a mall through collaborating with a fashion designer whom she met in one of our Networks. Besides having launched her own brand Jesko, she is now learning sewing and considering specializing in custom tailoring.

Learning to pursue a balanced, empowered life on all scales, Jwana educated herself and acquired two degrees in accounting and theology, and is now contemplating the third one in counseling to help her disciple the women she is following up. Jwana did not merely want to open a business to support her family financially. She desired to use her business to serve God and disciple other women envisioning it as her ministry field. That is what she did precisely. We are proud of what the Lord has been doing in and through her life.

Paving the Way for Success "The Freedom Ride Advocacy Campaign"
Imagine the impact if more women like Jwana have the freedom to use their skills to provide for their family, influence society, and make a difference in God's kingdom. Unfortunately, for many reasons, women around the Middle East do not have the road to success paved. 

Join us in going the extra mile in paving the way for success for women's economic empowerment without leaving your home. In September, AWT's founder, Ruba Abbassi, will cycle 1000 km (621.371 mi). Consider sponsoring one kilometer of the journey at $25. Your gift of any size will help us collaborate with another local organization to train Arab women in successfully running or starting their businesses.
Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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