Our first zoom training for Social Media followers

Our first zoom training for Social Media followers

AWT conducts its first training on zoom for our followers on social media platforms. The training addressed the topic of how to be successful in my roles.


May 16, 2020


Amman, Jordan (ACCTS/AWT) – AWT invited social media followers from our different platforms AWT, BMH and private counseling pages, and Instagram to join an online training on roles and boundaries. AWT conducts the first social media online training. Twenty-three attendees participated from six Arab countries in this workshop. 

Following-up on our dear women from the different Arab countries and especially during quarantine and Covid-19 crisis, we touched how women are consumed and their roles are confused. She no more has space for herself. It is why we encouraged her to seize this opportunity that can make a real difference in her life and help her understand herself and manage her priorities. We wanted her to learn how to set boundaries and realize that she needs to take care of herself to be able to take care of others.

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you.” – Katie Reed, Blogger.

This group encouraged us in their response and interaction. A group of precious women seeking personal development. A participant from Alexandria, Egypt shared, “It is the first time I know that there is such an organization. I would like to join in anything that you do online. I learned from the lecture that I have to be clearer in expressing myself. Most importantly to know my boundaries; what to give and what to take. I learned that I should take care of myself to take care of the other branches of my tree.”

Another participant from Jordan shared, “What a rich meeting! It acquired some rich information. While listening, some people crossed my mind whom I would like to support through this topic. It is the first time that I pay attention to setting my duties, priorities, and roles. I was looking at the paper representing my tree of roles and contemplating what has been consuming my energy and what has been bringing me joy. I loved that the training was not theoretic but rather applicable. I will work on fixing my tree and I will develop myself on this topic. I have a desire to enroll in all your future topics. I am a fan of your page and I constantly participate. I loved the devotional calendar that you shared with us. It made a difference in my life. I used not to see value in myself but now after taking steps forward in my self-image, I started to support others who are not acknowledging their value.”

We look forward to investing more in the lives of these women through our upcoming training and post-training follow-up. We aim to build and conduct skills development programs to enhance women’s pursuit of change practically in their lives and the lives of others.