ACCTS participates in this years’ annual women meeting in Ajloun

ACCTS participates in this years’ annual women meeting in Ajloun

Women from all over Jordan participated last Tuesday in the annual gathering in a refreshing atmosphere of sharing experiences and later knowledge.


17th September 2019



Ajloun, Jordan (ACCTS/AWT) – ACCTS was invited to speak in the Annual Baptist churches gathering for the women in Jordan at Ajloun Baptist Center. One hundred forty women from all over women’s meetings in Jordan joined in the great benefit.

Main event speaker was Mrs. Basma Gammoh, AWT’s Program’s manager at ACCTS.


The meeting consisted of three main sessions targeting the topic “Putting faith into action.”

Lots of interaction took place where women learned and shared experiences. It was a significant change to meet together, network, share their hearts and digest a nutritious meal that would help the women leaders develop their potential not to mention sharing the knowledge at their circles of influence with the people they serve.


Here ACCTS jumped in and accepted such invitations believing in the necessity of community involvement. Such programs have always left a significant impact on our beneficiaries. The women attending these empowerment sessions insist on taking some more life-changing topics and frequently invite others. 


ACCTS is looking forward to keeping on practicing our role in serving our society through lively workshops of in-depth discussions as we are seeking to cultivate positive mindsets leading to more impacted and changed lives.