Fourteenth Annual Network Conference

Fourteenth Annual Network Conference


ACCTS held its Fourteenth Annual Network Conference, gathering women from all over the Middle East with the aim to encourage, refresh and equip the participants with new skills.


13th to 16th September 2018



Amman, Jordan (ACCTS/ AWT) - ACCTS assembled women from around the Middle East for its Annual Network Conference which lasted for three days in Amman, besides a joyful opening session held in honor of our guests, the Board of Directors and some key figures. Fifty-two women from eleven Arab countries attended the event which had for the theme “Self-maturity and addressing the new generation”. It was conducted by speakers from Egypt, Anne Zaki, from Syria, Riham Jarjour and from the US, Kelli Gotthardt.


The generational gap is a subject that is not very much discussed as it is believed to be an inevitable matter. But it is crucial to address the issue if we want to maximize our effectiveness in whatever goal and vision we are aiming at. We need skills, perspectives, passion, energy from different age group and maturity. Therefore, during the event, spotlights were directed on one of the ways to do so; practicing detox in different aspects of one’s life; spiritual, emotional and digital and its benefits. And through detox, achieving self-maturity and letting go of what is preventing us from collaborating effectively with the new generation.


We sincerely hope that our precious attendees were refreshed by new ideas, perspective shifts, changed mindsets and quality time with each other, ready to go back to their communities to bring forth change. While we already look forward to our next network conference.