Stepping-up support for children ahead of new school year


Stepping-up support for children ahead of new school year


ACCTS held a social activity in Al Mafraq with the aim to reach out to the marginalized Syrian and Jordanian community and create relationships.   


29th August of 2018




Al Mafraq, Jordan (ACCTS) - The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services conducted a social activity in the Northern Badia region, Saidiya village in Al Mafraq governorate through the Child Welfare Society in coordination with the President of the Association and member of the Mafraq Governorate Council, Mr. Farea Al Masaeed.

The social activity consisted in distributing school bags to 100 Syrian children living in the nearby camps located between Jordan and Syria, in addition to the children of some destitute and impoverished Jordanian families.

The director of the association, Mr. Farea, thanked ACCTS for this kind gesture and took some commemorative photos with the children and the association staff.

This visit has achieved its desired objectives by extending bridges of cooperation with the impoverished and marginalized Syrians and Jordanians families, and establishing future relations between the two groups.