Continuous Joy from the Soap Manufacturing program

Continuous Joy from the Soap Manufacturing program


Irbid Community Center (ICC) in Irbid had the pleasure to graduate and celebrate a new group of ladies who completed the soap manufacturing training.


August 16th, 2018



Irbid, Jordan (ACCTS-ICC) - ACCTS Community Center graduated the fourth group of ladies after they had accomplished the two-month soap manufacturing program. The program aims to equip beneficiaries with up-to-date knowledge and practices on making quality soap by using natural ingredients. All the ladies who joined the program can now provide their families with all kinds of hygiene products they need at home.


Marwa was one of the ladies who joined the soap manufacturing program. She was so happy to join the program and here is her testimony:


“I heard about the center from my sister who joined the craft program provided by the center. She encouraged me to visit the center and join the soap activity. When I started the program, I wanted to make hygiene products only to provide my family with them. However, as I went on the training, I decided to start my home business to earn more money to help my family; which raised my self-esteem. I have also learned from this course that being patient and sociable is so important in life.”


The soap manufacturing program has seen so many graduates since its birth, and each graduation brings us incredible motivation and excitement; as we witness more transformed lives.