Celebration for the Handcrafts Program

Celebration for the Handcrafts Program


Irbid Community Center (ICC) in Irbid celebrated, with immense joy, a group of ladies who successfully finished the handcrafts training.



16th August of 2018


Irbid, Jordan (ACCTS-ICC) - ACCTS Community Center in Husson graduated the fourth group of ladies who joined the handcraft workshop provided by the center, after they had accomplished two months of training on how to manufacture handcrafts, such as: making candle beads, accessories and natural straw arts.


Dania, a thirty-five years old Syrian lady who joined the craft program that lasted for two months, expressed her gratitude to the center, as many other participants, by saying, "The center itself is my success story. I love the place and the people working here. Through the center, I found myself and my value because of the way we were treated and respected as human beings. This center is completely different from all other centers".

To witness success stories as hers is the reason why these trainings are offered, cannot wait to hear more of these.