Support Where Fear Resides

Support Where Fear Resides

A group support workshop for Syrian women was conducted at the Center to help them cope with Crisis consequences.


26th June 2018


Husson, Irbid (ACCTS/ICC) - Fear of the past events, fear of hunger, fear of the society, and fear of the unknown future. Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger. Most Syrian refugees whether they are babies, adults, elders, male or female face different kinds of fear and anxiety as a result of the Syrian crisis. It may lead to severe problems in their lives which prevent them from living their life peacefully.

Being aware of that, Irbid Community Center (ICC) conducted a group support workshop for ladies on that crucial topic, attended by four Syrian refugees and two Jordanian ladies to help them cope with such situations.

The workshop aimed at clarifying the concept of fear, identifying the types of fear and its causes where participants can distinguish between normal fear and negative fear. Besides the physiological, psychological and sociological effects of fear.

Participants were able to explore how these effects create significant problems in competence, productivity, communication skills, capacity for intelligent insights, and health.


This program seeks to know the strategies of dealing with the person who suffers from fear. Presenting the most effective methods for diminishing his fear, and helping him to convert it into positive emotions in order to return to your highest self.