ACCTS on the cutting-edge of social media

ACCTS on the cutting-edge of social media 

ACCTS keeps an influential presence on social media. We have a unique Social media team that prepares the necessary organizational materials and produces it upon strategic plans to be relevant and productive to our society. We are equipping our social media team with multiple training in production and marketing to develop strategies that meet our goals. We feel the urge to keep our positive presence on social media, spreading hope, giving practical ideas, and encouraging productivity and growth at all levels. 

We have many platforms on social media, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, in addition to other media means like websites. The organization has two leading websites, an informative one in English and another that forms a rich resource addressing the Arab women issues in Arabic. ACCTS has a page on Facebook as well, representing ACCTS in all its endeavors, whether for women, men, youth, or community. Besides posts and short videos, we utilize these platforms to launch innovative campaigns and initiatives aiming at raising awareness on social media to provoke people for change and adopt practical actions to build their lives and help their communities so that their citizenship is not mere slogans. 

The most effective platforms are those relating to women empowerment. We have two main pages on Facebook; one is a Christian platform, and the other is a secular one advocating for the rights of Arab women in the Arab region. Our primary focus is to see them live a better life, equipped to recruit their potential and abilities to be healthy, balanced, productive, and influential.

Although young Arab women are now more educated and perhaps more skilled than before, yet living in a conservative and traditional society, raised them to believe that they are less valuable and less competent compared to men. Such beliefs and practices reinforcing them are hindering those young women from fulfilling their missional potential and consequently living the abundant life God intended for them.

A tough journey that involves realizing their rights, enjoying unconditional love and acceptance, possessing self-worth, and striving for high self-esteem. In addition to building up self-confidence and having the freedom to be what they can be. Therefore, Arab Woman Today aims to reach Arab women and walk the journey with them for that they would pursue a change in their spiritual, social, and personal lives and be change agents in the lives of other women.

The different social media platforms have become those women's primary sources and tools of communication, for the privacy they offer. Therefore, we are utilizing them actively, producing, and creating our messages in creative and insightful ways. We seek to build a relationship with them accompanying their growth and empowerment journey, whether online or face-to-face.

Arab Woman Today has a strategic plan to produce a variety of short clips, create content relevant to women's needs through daily posts, articles, online courses, or joining a group at later stages. Then we provide our disciples with one-to-one counseling and coaching to inspire them to seek growth in their lives, nurture and sharpen their skills to be more empowered and equipped to pursue change and influence others.

Media is a significant focus of the organization, especially in such a time like this when everything is turning digital. ACCTS believes that we should be keen enough to ride this wave of change skillfully and exploit it for the good of the community, keeping up with cutting-edge technology is inevitable. Therefore, ACCTS is recruiting all efforts for this cause and investing in the social media team.