Career Path Training – August 2021

Career Path Training – August 2021


ACCTS held a five-session career path training for women entitled “How Do I Build My Professional Future?” in conjunction with Global HCI.


August 21 – 30, 2021


In August of 2021, Arab Woman Today teamed up with Global HCI to provide economic empowerment training for women across the Arab world. Global HCI, based in Amman, Jordan, is “a training and consultancy company founded in 2010 to help businesses and individuals reach their strategic goals and build their capacities.” One of their certified trainers, Raina Kudsi, led five sessions on various topics related to building one’s professional future. Through this training, women identified their specific professional passions and learned about making plans for a better career that fits within their passions. They also gained knowledge to help them grow professionally, such as CV writing, personal branding, and using professional networks like LinkedIn. Women who completed the training received a certificate signed by Global HCI, the Ministry of Culture, and ACCTS. Career consultation sessions were offered to some participants as needed. AWT also recommended other tools, services, or programs that might benefit the participants’ professional and personal growth journeys.


The thirty-six participants represented the following countries: Jordan, the Holy Land, Egypt, the Emirates, Syria, Tunisia, Kuwait, and Iraq. Eleven of the women previously attended other AWT workshops or training. The largest age group represented was 23–30-year-old. 


Here is what some of our participants had to say about the training:


“Thanks a lot! You have changed a concept in my life that burdened me with a negative mindset. I started to speak positively to myself before going to sleep, saying, ‘I’m sure another good opportunity will come up soon.’” 


“Before the training, I was really lost. I couldn’t find anyone older than me to guide me on how to start my career. I didn’t know that self-promotion on social media had a role in finding the right job. I will start by developing my communication skills because it is very important. The training helped me develop communication skills, express my opinion, and discover myself.”


Economic empowerment for women is essential in areas like the Arab world. Skills training is shown to affect women’s self-esteem and entrepreneurial attitude positively. Gender equality within the labor market is still of great concern for the MENA region, as career opportunities are still limited for a large majority of women.