Empowering the youth and the community through media

Empowering the youth and the community through media


Parliament elections took place yesterday, November 11, in Jordan; therefore, ACCTS sought to educate the youth last month and enhance their role in exercising their constitutional right in parliamentary elections. 


November 11, 2020



Amman, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) - Christian youth have to have an impact on their society. Thus, and as part of the youth initiative, ACCTS conducted an awareness event clarifying the concept of the civil state and the importance of separating the religion and the state in a session led by Dr. Nabeeh Abbassi, Director of ACCTS, who emphasized that we shouldn't compromise Christianity in our representation. 


Also, a life panel on social media addressed the civil state from both the Islamic and political perspectives. Panelists: Dr. Amer Al Hafi, Professor Comparative religion Al al-Bayt University and academic adviser for Institute for Inter-faith Studies and Mr. Jameel Nimri, Journalist and former Parliament Member. Dr. Nabeeh Abbassi moderated the session and joined the discussion. A third session differentiated between freedom and discipline, where Dr. Suhail Jouaneh shared what Christianity offers in this regard.


ACCTS seeks to play a significant impact in bringing awareness and change to our community and our beloved Jordan. We believe the youth can play a significant role in building society and a promising future for our nation.