How to build my career Life


How to build my career Life


ACCTS held practical training for our Social media followers, sustaining women with essential experience building their career path. A specialist in the field led the sessions. They learned career planning, personal branding, and some job search techniques —the training added value in providing personal coaching during the training period. 


September 2020


The certified trainer Rania Kudsi, HR and Recruitment Consultant, conducted the sessions giving a practical strategy called career planning to design a career path that allows one to identify his destination, career goals, passion, strengths, and opportunities. In addition to putting an action plan to reach his desired destination and identifying the process of personal branding in which you control how people see you and think of you. The journey through which you market yourself and build your legacy by using specific tools to transfer your values, goals and vision.


Rania offered some job search techniques on how to prepare a CV and an account on LinkedIn. These are our marketing tools, which reflect our achievements, experience, skills and match the job or the career we are willing to pursue.


Participants from different Arab countries participated and shared, gaining unprecedented timely guidance that met their actual needs at this challenging time. One of them mentioned that she felt that we had tailored this training, particularly for her.


Some encouraging reviews from trainees,


I benefitted from the tips that I learned about enhancing my current CV and the research tools on LinkedIn, and from the assignments that we did.

I made a summary guide of what the training dealt with, and based on it; I am now working on the practical side from setting goals to self-promotion to writing a CV. I have finished the setting goals phase, and I will move to self-promotion. 


The training I received developed my skills, and I learned from the experiences of other trainees. I acknowledged my need to get rid of my melancholy look. I applied the task the trainer gave us to consult with our beloved ones relating our strengths, and the feedback I received helped me recognize my strengths and improve my skills. It also helped me decide to continue my studies in the field that matches my abilities.


Online and social media opportunities expanded ACCTS influence and helped us reach more people in the community who need support. This training expanded our beneficiaries' capacities, opened more chances for growth, and took us to a place of professional competencies within the scope of services that we provide.