Ma’in Seminar and Iftar

Advancing economic opportunities for women in Maeen through two workshops and Iftar held by ACCTS this month of Ramadan.


23rd May 2019


Maeen, Madaba, Jordan (ACCTS/AWT) – Like you, as the devoted reader know, we follow all words that we preach about salt and light to the community as we empower, encourage, and relationship-build ourselves. So did the 23rd of May mark the day that we kick-started with a new workshop program. This program aims to promote all Jordanian women to be more financially involved and independent, through the questioning of the rigidity of 'gender roles.' The first target group consisted of a community of powerful women from Maeen, a village in the south-west of Madaba governance. In the words of our General Manager, Ruba Rihani Abbassi:


“I am so honored to present a workshop about advancing economic opportunities for women in Jordan. It took place in the south-west of Madaba governance, incorporation with Hiba Association for community development. Our focus is to empower women through technology, with Dr. Hiba Haddadeen emphasizing the importance of gender equality herein”.


And as the energetic and engaging seminar came to an end, all the present women joined together for the Iftar. Together we celebrated the end of another day of fasting while coming from different faiths and different places. The lively conversations from the seminar continue during the joyful meal, interspersed with personal stories and grateful expressions to our God for those special moments.