Healing Wounds from The Past


ACCTS continues to conduct the Nouara sessions and began a new group for women in Sweileh.


11th February to 11th March 2019




Amman, Jordan (ACCTS, AWT) – This month, AWT began a new group of the Nouara Program for women. So far, three sessions have been conducted for the twelve women attending the program.


The first session addressed the effects of early upbringing and expressing emotions. In the beginning, the interaction was slow since this was the first time many of these women have experienced this kind of teaching. There is a strong need for women in Jordan and the Middle East to learn how their upbringing affects their emotional expressions. This is especially true if women are to become emotionally mature and healthy.


The second session addressed examples of women who gained victory over certain wounds and overcame negative or unhelpful upbringing. As the women learned from these examples, they were encouraged that they could overcome obstacles from their upbringing. There were considerably more interaction and effective participation from the ladies.  

It was one of the best sessions because they became more interactive and began to share their special stories more openly and were courageously expressing opinions. Shyness seemed to have vanished a bit. Some of the feedback was,


                    “You have said all that I’ve been thinking about but wasn’t able to speak out.”


                                           “You are bringing out the old and healing me!”


The third session covered the topic of forgiveness and reconciliation. It dug deeper into the roots of the tree and how to nurture them through care and living the divine nature of God.


Despite the shyness at the beginning, understandable due to the vulnerability required when discussing these topics, the sessions were fruitful and deep. We hope the ladies began their journey to overcome their past.


The Nouara program provides a safe space for women to share from their personal lives. Our hope is for this openness to lead to healthy changes in their actions and mindsets. By the end of March 2019, the women will have completed two more sessions.