Jordan Women Program Workshops- Madaba

Jordan Women Program Workshops


ACCTS held a two-day training workshop for women with the aim to raise awareness on gender inequality in society and increase communication skills for healthier relationships.


17th to 18th of February 2019



Ma’in, Jordan (ACCTS, AWT)- ACCTS conducted a workshop which lasted for a couple of days, which forms part of the organization’s program called Jordan Women Program aiming at discussing topics targeting civil society women and activists, such as gender stereotypes and personality types (DISK traits). It took place in Ma’in at the Rumman Hotel and gathered eight ladies.


The participants were addressed by two speakers namely Dr. Heba Haddadin and Basma Gammoh. They used interactive methods such as brainstorming and discussion, working groups, individual tasks, icebreaker exercises, data show and storytelling. All of this with the aim to equip the participants with the understanding of the concepts related to gender and sex, common stereotypes in society, gender roles, the basic pillars of gender, the national and international charters for equality of women and men and the Jordanian laws and international conventions and treaties.


The sessions were not meant to only be theoretical but rather aimed to impact the participant’s character and lifestyle in ways; such as how to deal with family and others, understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses and those of others in order to communicate more effectively.


The participants were very engaged and have reportedly been enlightened by the sessions and discussions. To read some of the testimonies, visit Glimpses of Change.


We are looking forward to the next workshops for more rich and deep discussions about our society and our role in it.