Christmas 2020 Newsletter


"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone" (Isaiah 9:2).



It's the time of the year Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. The work being done by ACCTS-AWT throughout the Arab world continues to bear fruit. We genuinely thank you for your support and prayers. We encourage you to consider giving to ACCTS, and where God would have you to invest in the work he is doing. For tax-deductible gifts, you can invest in the many projects that ACCTS leads; for example, you can dedicate your end-of-year donation to:

    A gift of $50 provides one session of Christian counseling for a woman.

    A gift of $300 can help one woman participate in the on-ground life-growth program.


End of Year Blessings 
Sharing the fruit of our training and impact
We would also like to share with you the gratitude of our discipled women and youth whose lives have been impacted by your partnership and prayers. Because of your partnership, disciples are being made, who in turn are making disciples!


AWT held a regional online training on "Authentic leadership," seeking to equip real leaders who carry the values of honesty, kindness, and fairness. Authentic leaders, whose words and actions are consistent, hold themselves accountable, and are steadfast in their principles in every area of their lives. The training included 43 leaders from 14 countries from the Arab world and North Africa. 


This training empowers women to utilize their new skills in their ministries and develop them for God's glory. It motivates them to step up and lead while remaining true to who they are, helping them to inspire other women.
"Although I am from a primitive country and environment, I was raised in Libya and did not reach a high education level. However, through my presence with great leaders, learning from you, and your rich experiences, I feel that the gates of heaven opened for me to develop. Because I preach the word, and I want to convey the love of Jesus to all, but my abilities are simple. Thank you because I am among you, and you inspire me." ~ Libya
"I was very encouraged when I heard the title because we lack authenticity and would love to learn about it. The training really began to change in me from the first moment, which will impact the team that I lead in Algeria. I had a deep, heart review to test my values. It is the first time I confront myself about such sensitive topics." ~ Algeria
"Your content was like being given a treasure. I began to review myself. The training's influence began on the first day. I reviewed my life story, which enlightened me to the necessity of concentrating on positive things and big transitional moves. Besides, being with my sisters set me free from my ordinary life shackles at home and work. I know that my value comes from Christ. Still, amid the spiritual drought we are experiencing in our ministries, I felt I took some pure oxygen that refreshed my arteries and activated my blood circulation. You made me feel I still have power, abilities, and even vigor." ~ Haifa
"Consistency in authentic values is expensive. You encouraged me and reminded me how to uphold my values and get to know myself more. Because I believe that we leaders have a low self-awareness since we care about others and forget ourselves." ~ Iraq

"You have touched me very much, and I have benefited from every part of the training. I serve among 140 children in a boarding center, and they all come from difficult environments and circumstances. You made me feel the importance of overwhelming them with warm hugs and closeness at this stage in their lives. You increased the longing in my heart to serve them and love them. I thank you with all the heart for all that you offered." ~ Bethlehem

To learn more about the event, visit our website.


In a great first online experience for ACCTS and many youths, the "Youth Initiative" held its third annual conference to consolidate the youth's role in society by enhancing their participation in social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental life. This year's conference titled "Balance Point" addressed many important topics: mental balance, financial balance, relational balance, and sexual health. 

"The videos looked very professional. Thank you for taking heed to all the details. There were some magical shots! All was beneficial. I enjoyed the lectures; the presentation was delightful and encouraged me to finish all the sessions with zero boredom. You made me think about my relationship with God. You encouraged me to be an active member of this community and aim for the educational process's success. I am more aware of my responsibility as a good Christian citizen towards my community and my church."
"I could not skip any information. You made me see how I behave and comprehend my responsibilities towards many things like money, sex, relationship, and intellectual holiness through balance. I realized my role as a Christian person towards my community through politics and the change journey."

To learn more about the event, visit our website.








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