“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11: 25

Dear family and friends, 

I had the honor to attend the National prayer breakfast in Washington DC, what a blessing to see many diplomats praising the name of the Lord Jesus! I had also the privilege of networking with several decision-makers in the area of religious freedom at the White House. We are praying to see such events being held in the Arab world.

Thank you for your prayers. I traveled to the Republic of Panama and taught 40 Latino students who come from several countries in South and Central America at Manarah transformational leadership training. I had also the honor to preach at the largest Baptist Church in Panama. What a joy to see the excitement in Latin America in serving the Lord globally! 


We are trusting the Lord for 2019 with all its challenges relying on our partners’ prayers, encouragement and support. 


Nabeeh & Ruba Abbassi


    Inspirational seeds to start our year


  • Nouara Groups

We started a special Nouara group in Eastern Amman, the first this year with 14 potential young women. We experienced an atmosphere of freedom and acceptance that helped reveal true self to deal with our early upbringing. We learned how this tends to affect our present and future as influential women. The teaching has been supported by Biblical examples of women who gained victory through hardship which led us to an introduction about forgiveness.

This group is an answer to my prayer; I asked for a comfortable group that can build and enable me to study and share in an atmosphere of acceptance. Thus it made a difference in my life and satiated my hunger.
I wasn’t aware of lots of things! I went back home happy and empowered to face an abusive challenge. I knew how to deal with it keeping my value high despite humiliation. 
I had zero basic needs met in my childhood. I now understand why I’ve been suffering and can relate to other women and support in their healing.
I loved this journey of dealing with my past and broken home. I want to be fruitful and live my original image created by God. I rejoiced when I drew the house of the Father where I’m called to live in a fulfilling relation with Him.

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  • Irbid Community Center

By the grace of God and the support of people who have the passion to help humanity, ACCTS Irbid Community Center continues to provide the Syrian women refugees and vulnerable Jordanians with resilience and livelihood programs. These targeted programs help them be productive members in their families and to cope with their difficult situations. These programs include sewing, soap making, handicrafts, awareness-raising lectures, daycare activities, and an informal pre-kindergarten program.

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  • Jordan Women Workshops



ACCTS conducted a two-day training workshop for a group of pioneer women representing some local women’s associations in Madaba city. The workshop aimed to reach the community with more awareness on gender, sex, and stereotypes in regards to roles plus national and international charters for equality of women and men. The focus was also on enriching healthier means of communication; through the workshop on personality types and traits.

I will no longer accuse my husband of having a weak personality because he simply doesn’t like to engage in social activities as much as I do! 
I will conduct this training for a group of women in my work field because it is very useful in our relationships as colleagues.

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  • Television Broadcast and Social Media

A rerun of the third season of our TV broadcast has just started on Sat-7 channel. Praying for more fruit in the lives of people. Episodes broadcast on Wednesdays along with another 3 repeats during the week.
We have built credibility on Social Media; our fans trust us for counsel and seek our support through different means. One active follower of our Balshi Min Hon page on Facebook said, “I trust you and your ministry because you made a difference in the lives of lots of people I know.” 
The feedback we receive keeps us going, “The nice ideas of your posts encourage me and give me positive energy.”



Thank you for being able to sustain us for this moment. Your generous donation will enable us to show love to others with a grateful spirit.
Help us work with Christ to transform lives and our world. So, will you be part of ACCTS work by fully or partially sponsoring one or more of our projects? 





Praise and Thanksgiving

  • - Seeing our Nouara training effective in the lives of our new group of women who confirmed the persistent need to have such teaching; that brought new revelations and renewed their minds.
  • - A heartfelt welcome is extended to a valuable addition to our team. Aida has just begun her journey with ACCTS as Social Media Associate and Webmaster.

Prayer Requests

  • - For the preparation process of our Nouara Program curriculum to be designed in a way that best serves the needs of women in our Arab region.
  • - For the women participating in our current trainings to grow in attitude and characteristics and be equipped for service, passionate and mature enough as emerging leaders.






Our sincere gratitude to the best family of friends and partners we could ever have! We covet your prayers, as we continue to walk in obedience to the specific calling of God for ACCTS


The ACCTS family

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