Merry Christmas from the ACCTS family

The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services

Beloved friends and partners,

Thankful for a season full of joy celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Grateful for having the freedom, despite being a minority in Jordan, to feel the spirit of Christmas on both church and national levels. Festivals, worship, music and joy are all over in the air. Our nation can feel it and is blessed by its children!


Kindly note that Dr. Nabeeh and Ruba will be in the USA from Dec 19 till February 24 and would love to meet with you in person. Please contact us @ or


“Your strength comes from hers” campaign


We are overwhelmed by the impact! It sheds the light on this new perspective and consequently received great attention on national platforms. We were hosted on two national TV and Radio stations. Empowered 456 women through the different workshops held in five schools, one college, and one group of Community Women activists. In addition to a public march that took place encouraging women to believe, respect and empower each other.

The social media response was phenomenal; lots of women opened their hearts and expressed gratitude for other women who supported them in their lives. Love was abundant!

One Networker encouraged her friend with these words:

“You are a woman who knows how to love sincerely and spread it all around. If I could describe you in one word, I would say A FIGHTER. You have always given me a PUSH to not give up, HOPE to keep believing for the best, passion to keep serving. You INTERCEDE on my behalf in every single situation I go through. You are a gift from Heaven to my life.”
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The first fruit of our harvest -
The youth conference about good citizenship

With an intention of provoking the younger generation to be good citizens, ACCTS first youth conference titled The Youth & Good Citizenship, was held over three days (15th-17th Nov. 2018).
Attended by youth 19- to 30-year-olds. Sixty young males and females came from several cities in Jordan. One of a kind programs that encouraged the youth to be responsible, respectful and submit to those in positions of authority.

“It has been a bold move forward. I was so impressed by the practical, rich content and the realistic presentation of the topics. I learned that I have a continuous decision to make in order to live as a good, effective citizen. Despite being a senior student with a legal background, I still didn’t have the chance to gain such richness of experience. Now, we have a subject with a database to share in our youth meetings. As youth, we are enthusiastic, yet we need to see the older generation energized to push us forward. I appreciate all the labor of efforts, time and prayers poured into the conference, it was worth it!”

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Thank you for being able to sustain us until this moment, though we still have a deficit of $25 K to close the year! Your generous donation will enable us to finish the year in good standing.


Your financial gift will allow us to continue investing in the lives of vulnerable women, men, youth and children aiming at improving the quality of family and community life.


So, will you be part of ACCTS work by fully or partially sponsoring one or more of our projects?

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Joyful harvest form our TV broadcast


“What a beautiful way to address the topic! I am personally trying to be aware of it so that I won’t be an imitator but rather a genuine copy of myself, proud of my character regardless of the many flaws therein.” Bushra


“You expressed exactly what has been going on in my mind as a fully-occupied, pressured mother who can’t say no to some draining involvements. I decided, ‘It’s time to pamper myself.” Zeina

‘It’s a learning platform! Thank you for the nice and vital topic, especially for the new generation since they may go with the flow of trends to the extremes. Aida

“The subject attracted me so much. I have attentively watched the episode because of the richness of the information and content.” Isra’a



From the community center


ACCTS Irbid Community Center conducted an awareness-raising lecture on drugs at Irbid, in cooperation with Tahfeez and outreached beneficiaries in that area. They expressed their pleasure for learning more about this critical issue that threatens societies nowadays.

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Our gratitude goes to:

  • Our friends who sponsored our mission.
  • A country our Lord has blessed with security, stability and freedom. For it has been a refuge to many despite the economic situation and the limited resources.


We need prayer warriors as we face lots of challenges daily. Pray for:

  • Meeting a deficit of $25 K to close the year!
  • Wisdom for our government in decision-making in a region in turmoil.

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