Happy Thanksgiving 











How Great Thou Art!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family, friends and ministry partners. And from all of us in Jordan, we join in on this season of gratitude. It’s such a special time of the year!








Dear friends, partners and prayer worriers,

We thank God for your partnership, prayers and generous support. We stand serving on the front line with your encouragement.

Thank you.

Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi






A Season of Gratitude for 2018 – Top 10 (in no particular order)






Thankful for being able to have direct impact on 1036 Syrian and Jordanian Women and children, including 4 from other nationalities through our community center’s various activities: multiple trainings, awareness lectures, counseling sessions … etc.








Witnessing the impact of God’s hand working in the lives of 104 young men & women who have been empowered through our leadership conferences.






Being able to reach out to the community impacting 500 women with our awareness workshops and provoking change in mindsets and old habits for a healthier society.








We thank God for sustaining lives and bringing hope to lots of precious women through our social media portals, from which 148 shared the benefit from our TV broadcast presented material.






A successful campaign which basically revolved around: believing in the woman, respecting her and empowering her.










Our first printed resource for women “The Arab Woman: Embracing Her Potential” is now translated. It sheds light on the Christian woman who continues to suffer under double injustice within the family, society and perhaps the Church. We hope that this book will make a quantum leap towards a change in the status of women.






Winning 2nd place in a road bicycle contest from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, aiming at making a difference in the mindset of Jordanian people to adopt the cycling sport, as part of our culture and lifestyle; especially accepting female cyclists. Proud of AWT manager Ruba Abbassi who, despite all the challenges along the road, was able to defend the cause and be the first woman to cross the borderline. Special thanks to all our friends who sponsored our mission.










Holding our first conference for youth “The Youth & Good Citizenship”, with an intention of provoking this younger generation of God’s children and enabling them to be good citizens, shining and fulfilling our Lord’s commandment of being salt and light in their country. To be responsible, respectful and submit to those in positions of authority.






Grateful for a country our Lord has blessed with security, stability and freedom to minorities. For it has been a refuge to many despite of the economic situation and the limited resources.
We need prayer warriors as we face lots of challenges daily. Thank you for standing with us. Pray for the Lord to grant wisdom to our government and bring continued peace in a boiling region who has been going through a hard time of war and hatred.






Last but not least – and I hope we say this often – we have the most amazing support system of churches, organizations, individuals who joyfully and faithfully invested in our ministry whether through prayers or financial support; small or big amounts. Seriously, we believe that with all our hearts! We praise God for you!
Thank you for another year of amazing support.






Thank you for being able to sustain us for this moment, though we have still a deficit of $35 K to close the year! Your generous donation will enable us to finish the year in good standing. And will help us to continue investing in the lives of vulnerable women, men, youth and children aiming at improving the quality of family and community life.



So, will you be part of ACCTS work by fully or partially sponsoring one or more of our projects?






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We covet your prayers, as we continue to walk in obedience to the specific calling of God for ACCTS




























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