May 2018 ACCTS-AWT Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,
We as ACCTS/AWT have been blessed every week with the opportunities the Lord has given us to serve Him in many ways. It’s not about how many we reach rather about how many we touch. We are growing in experience through the highly skilled team, everyone is united with one clear vision. And therefore everyone sacrifices, feels responsible to achieve our goals, and initiates ministry and getting out of the box.
Praying for abundant blessings as you read about some of our May activities. And kindly remember that Ruba and I will be in Texas during the month of June. Our visit is short, but we will do our best to spend some time with you, friends, who live in Dallas Metroplex.


Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi  


Rising above Stereotypes

An interactive lecture, aiming at raising awareness about the negative effects on women as a result of false ideas being spread in the society, was conducted to thirty students and six teachers at a Secondary School for girls. Ladies were encouraged to rise above such stereotypes which can put obstacles in the way of their scientific and practical ambitions. The students shared their challenges and made decisions not to allow these frustrations to stand in their path to success and personal development.
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We need all hands support 

AWT is facing a major deficit this year.
Our Next Conference is coming next September. Will you be part of it by sponsoring one or more participant(s) from Iraq, Sudan, and Syria at a cost of $1500?


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We are incredibly grateful for any amount of financial support. And we also covet your prayers, as we continue to walk in obedience to the specific call of God for ACCTS. 


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Media Impact


“You are the reason behind my strength. I would like to be part of your FB page and share on this platform. Because I want to be a symbol of hope and power for every woman who suffers as I do, and maybe worse!”

“Thanks for tackling this core, essential topic that addresses our suffering as parents. You have succeeded in addressing this generational gap in your program. I wish that you will reap more success and prosperity in all presented topics. It will help solve lots of problems between parents and children.”


Irbid Community Center (ICC) update

Three graduation ceremonies from three different programs took place at the center this May:

  1. Ten young girls successfully completed the Life-Kit training. The end result of this program is to equip them to cope with their uncertain future.  Learn more

  1. Twelve ladies and youth successfully accomplished two months of crafts & arts training. They were so proud of themselves when they received their certificates and lovely gifts.

“This course empowered me with new skills in order to be active and productive in the society in spite of my situation. I started to produce accessories and market them through Social Media. I was able to make a revenue of 130 dinars.” 
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  1. The second group of ladies graduated from the sewing training program. They learned how to be self-reliant by learning sewing skills, which provides them with alternatives instead of going to a tailor.

"I am so grateful to the center for giving me such an opportunity to learn new skills that would help me and my family. The staff treated us with respect and showered us with their love. They gave me new hope for a better future. I started recycling old fabrics at home. I was able to earn JD170 from selling my products. I wish I could promote my skills with advanced courses to become a fashion designer." 
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Praises and Thanksgiving :

We praise God for:

  1. Seeing His hand at work; helping ease the suffering, giving hope and practical help for the Syrian refugees who fled from Syria to Jordan because of the Syrian crisis.
  2. Evidence of God's faithfulness and encouragement from people like you.


Prayer Requests:


Ministry takes on a different feel during Ramadan which began on Thursday, May 17. Please pray for AWT team as they use this time to:

  1. Prepare for upcoming training on  Developing Spiritual and Leadership Skills for seventeen Syrian young women from Aleppo, taking place this May in Lebanon.
  2. Gear up for other ministry opportunities, and make headway with other needed tasks. Especially, developing a discipleship curriculum for the purpose of reaching more young women in Jordan and the Arab World. Utilizing a new, effective coaching approach that can build beneficiaries’ capacities.


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