Community Center Al-Husn

The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services (ACCTS) / Cultural Center

Location: Irbid Governorate – Al-Husn
Address: King Talal Street / Al Mansheyah 

This center exists to be a house of safety and stability in order to seize the opportunity to engage in the community, learn and acquire the necessary skills to be able to achieve its goals in life.

We seek to provide moral and material support to mitigate the effects of the crises and the harsh conditions on those who suffer consequently by helping them get involved in the community and coexist, also to find them a safe environment to communicate with others without fear or mental disorders.

It is known worldwide that women and children are the most affected category during the armed conflicts in any country. The crisis in Syria since it has taken its armed, violent and cruel form, women started to face the progressive damages day after day, from the loss of a father, or a brother, or a husband, or a son ... etc., to the pain of the catastrophe; its shock and psychological effects, to the consequences following, where women have to replace the man who is absent, or missing, or a martyr. 

Here the responsibility increases with its burdens, where the wife becomes a mother and a father to her children at the same time, and the girl becomes the family breadwinner, besides the suffering which women experience after having and her family to flee their home, and seek refuge in inappropriate places to live, plus the difficulties which accompany this displacement.

The war does not pass unnoticed by the children, but it raises in their minds many intractable questions and instills fear and anxiety in them. Besides, dealing with children who have witnessed the impact of war on their parents is much harder. 

We all know that the Syrian crisis has held within its folds destruction, murder and distortion. The conversations Syrian children relay indicate the psychological impact of war on them, since they live in a continuous state of horror as a result of the scenes of violence saved by their memories.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and ZOA organization, in cooperation with the administration of the Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services (ACCTS) had the urge to help those two categories (women and children) in order to mitigate the effects of the crisis on them in particular, and the family in general. Therefore, it has been decided to set up a branch in Al-Husn; a Cultural Center in the north of Jordan that can serve the affected groups as well as the Jordanian chaste families.

a. Caring about the woman in terms of social, psychological and cultural needs
b. Providing technical training support conducted by specialists in various fields
C. Providing unofficial educational opportunities for targeted students and enhancing their spirit of learning
d. Helping children of beneficiaries’ families to live a normal, healthy childhood life in a safe environment through the provision of safe playgrounds especially for them, and the various activities which develop their different talents.  

We will pursue to achieve these goals through the following activities:
1. Sewing courses
2. Computer courses
3. Home Maintenance courses
4. Cosmetology courses
5. Baking Confectionery courses
6. Various seminars, lectures and workshops for women in various fields
7. Foundation courses in English
8. Remedial courses for high school students
9. Preparing children for starting school
10. Preparing purposeful activities for children covering educational and behavioral aspects