Equipping Women with Basic Engineering Skills

Equipping Women with Basic Engineering Skills


The ICC celebrated the graduation of a group of ladies who successfully completed the basic engineering training, one of the many training that the center offers.


6th September 2018



Irbid, Amman (ACCTS, ICC) - The ACCTS Community center in Irbid had the pleasure to graduate the third group of ten ladies who successfully accomplished the three-month training in basic engineering.

The training sessions consisted of exploring topics, such as general safety procedures during handling tools; maintenance of water networks and installation of reservoirs; installation of hot and cold water pipes; maintenance and installation of water batteries inside the house; maintenance and installation of electrical water heaters; installation and maintenance of water drainage; and general maintenance of household electricity, among others.

Aysheh, a twenty-seven years old Syrian refugee, who joined the plumbing and home electricity training noted on her graduation day, “This course was one of the most interesting and enjoyable courses I participated in. Time seems to fly because of the practical training and the comfortable atmosphere. I benefited from the course in gaining the ability to practise maintenance at home. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to come to the center. It’s why I would like to have more training before going back to our homeland, Syria".

We are already looking forward to graduating the next batch of motivated and inspiring women.