The role of women in resolving family conflict

The role of women in resolving family conflict


ACCTS Community Center at Husson conducted an awareness session for ladies to empower them with skills on how to deal with family conflicts and how to live in harmony.


15th September 2018



Irbid, Jordan ( ACCTS/ICC)- ACCTS held a session to raise awareness about resolving family conflict since a lot of divorce cases had occurred because of the bad conflict management which leads to a critical impact on the whole family, especially on children.

The participants were exposed to how communication between spouses is the safety valve which maintains the internal cohesion of building a family. It also strengthens relations between its members and leads to the healthy development of children.

Society tends to focus on women when it comes to victims of conflicts. By doing so they ignore the fact that women play significant roles during and after the conflicts, the matter which reinforces existing traditional gender values and practices which imply that women are only passive and subservient. This has negative consequences in overlooking women's potential as key actors in conflict management processes and activities, and yet women themselves are active participants in conflict situations.

We hope the session planted a seed for transformed mindsets when it comes to managing conflicts because despite such mentalities being negative in origin it can still nurture bonds if resolved the right way.