Multiplying Fruit Across Borders

Multiplying fruit across borders

ACCTS conducted a regional training in Lebanon, gathering young Syrian women to share knowledge on trauma healing and new ways to study the Word.


 23rd-27th of May 2018


Byblos, Lebanon (ACCTS, AWT) - ACCTS had the pleasure to hold a regional training in Lebanon around the topic of developing spiritual skills for the long haul. It was conducted by four AWT and two trainers from Lebanon, Nada and Christelle, and was attended by 17 Syrian women, mainly from Aleppo, Syria.


During the sessions, the ladies were able to discuss ways to deal with psychological traumas and were also immersed in a discovery Bible study. It was the first time for this group of young women to soak into the depth of the Bible and explore practical means to understand it and live it.


The participants were very much engaged and touched during the training. Many of them were surprised by things they learned about themselves such as anger issues or lack of compassion etc. … Some of them reported being able to diagnose a traumatic condition they might be in and the different stages that need to happen before healing can manifest. Moreover, they shared having been encouraged in their faith by being reminded of who the Master of their lives is and ways to dig deeper into the Word.


Here is some feedback from some of the participants;

“I believe in the miraculous divine intervention and power of God. And that through prayer He can shake the place.

The teaching helped me recognize the stages of trauma I passed through and for how long I stayed in every one of them. I was happy to learn that as a believer I can still have space and time to be healed as a human being. I don’t always have to jump. God gave me peace. I learned that people are different in the way they face problems. I learned that I am unique and distinguished in the nature of my character and how I face problems. I am happy that I was able to express myself and talk about deep issues with one of your ministry team.”- Helen


“The sessions drove me closer to God. I had lots of questions relating to so many psychological issues such as anxiety and depression, and they were made clear to me.”- Jacky


“I have learned the skill of adjusting a schedule to be flexible with the required change. I will better manage my time for my own fulfillment and for meeting the needs of others. I will set a weekly time to spend with my mentor, and will in my turn follow up the lives of the girls I disciple; spiritually and psychologically.”- Mirna


The gathering was, with no doubt, a success. And a proof of the fruit of ACCTS work is the example of this networker, Mirna from Aleppo, who succeeded to proceed with her dream of starting a kindergarten for kids “Sinapi Kindergarten”. She is now able to recruit and equip some potential young women, and bring them to benefit from this regional training. We hope to multiply the fruit in the coming trainings.