Another Graduation from the Sewing Program

Another Graduation from the Sewing Program


Irbid Community Center graduated a group of women who successfully accomplished the Sewing Training Program, one amongst many other programs offered at the center.


7th of May 2018


Husson, Irbid (ACCTS/AWT) - ACCTS Irbid Community Center (ICC) in Husson celebrated the graduation of the second group of ladies who joined the sewing training program, which started on February 14th and ended on May 7th. They learned how to be self-reliant by learning skills to solve issues in regard to sewing, which provides them with alternatives instead of going to a tailor.


Here is the story of one of the graduates, Hajer, thirty years old, who fled from Syria to Jordan because of the Syrian crisis. She suffered a lot with her family on their journey to Jordan. She now lives in Husson, struggling financially because of the living costs. She heard about the ICC and decided to join the sewing course in order to help her husband provide the family with the basic needs.


She said on her graduation day, "I am so grateful to the center for giving me such an opportunity to learn new skills that help me and my family. The staff treated us with respect and showered us with their love. They provided us with all that we needed for the training. They also took care of our children. They gave me new hope for a better future. During the training course, I started recycling old fabrics at home and making new things. I was able to earn JD 170 from selling my products". She also added, "I wish I could promote my skills with advanced courses to become a fashion designer."

She and the other graduates were so happy to receive their certificates along with some lovely gifts.