Protect Your Rights

Protect Your Rights

ACCTS’ Irbid Community Center held an awareness session for Syrian women refugees on the Jordanian Personal Status.


14th of February 2018


Irbid, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) - ACCTS Irbid Community Centre (ICC) conducted an awareness lecture on the Jordanian Personal Status Law and how women, as foreigners, can be affected by it. The session was attended by seventy-three ladies and the lecture was given by a legal consultant.

Many Syrian women refugees in Jordan lost their legal rights due to their ignorance of the Jordanian law, for anyone who lives in Jordan is subject to the Jordanian law. Aware of the seriousness of this matter, ICC conducted a lecture with the aim to empower women with the knowledge of the aforementioned law. 

One among the important topics the consultant brought up was the documentation of the marriage contract according to the Jordanian Personal Status Law in order not to lose the rights of the wives, especially with regard to dowry, birth registration, custody, inheritance, wives and children maintenance, etc.

The participants expressed their profound gratitude towards the initiative and the opportunity to be enlightened on such an important topic.