Deeds speak more loudly than words

Deeds speak more loudly than words

A Christmas Party was held at the Community Center at AlHusn gathering diverse members of community to celebrate and enjoy the event of Christmas together.


23 December 2017


AlHusn, Jordan (ACCTS) - ACCTS community center at AlHusn conducted a very unique Christmas party at the Community Center. We were graced by the presence of more than sixty Syrian and Jordanian beneficiaries from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds coming together for the joyous occasion.

The program started with the manager of the center welcoming the attendees, and explaining the spirit of the occasion and the lessons learned from it. Then a short film about the center with its activities was screened. Attendees had the opportunity to watch a Christmas-themed sketch performed by the center’s staff on God's doctrine about love; how we can love each other through deeds more than words. In Addition to hearing some Christmas carols.

The celebration included an amazing session of listening to beneficiaries’ express, evaluate and share experiences and stories. It was so encouraging to listen to them; as they described how the community center contributed to positive social relations and to the healthy integration with each other inside and outside Irbid Community Center (ICC). They said that ICC offers them a safe place where they can spend fruitful time learning and having fun, the matter which positively impacts their personal life as well as their families.

The program has also featured some fun time full of laughter, through the different games and competitions along with some gifts.
At the end of the program lunch, with desert and soft drinks, has been served to all the attendees. In addition certificates and appreciation gifts were distributed to the beneficiaries who participated in the related activities.

Overall, it was heart-warming to hear the laughter and witness the joy of the hurt and vulnerable. The event itself has greatly empowered the attendees and given them a more optimistic view on their lives. Moreover, this act of love has touched their hearts in a way that made them feel that thin ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel.

We would like to extend special thanks to ZOA organization for relief and recovery, and to all partners who have great passion for those in need. We hope to replicate such events in the future for the benefit of the vulnerable souls in our community.