Life Kit Training at the Community Center

Life Kit Training at the Community Center


ACCTS held a training workshop, titled the Life Kit Training (LKT), for teenage girls at its community center.    


14th-26th of November

AlHusn, Jordan (ACCTS/AWT)- The community center, up in AlHusn, organized a workshop, the “Life Kit Training” which gathered ten Syrian and Jordanian girls, aged twelve and thirteen years old, to explore and learn ways to strengthen their sense of identity as teenagers.


The program focused on five specific objectives: Enhancing the participant personal development to gain better insight in oneself, increasing social and creative skills to understand and express own identity, building and strengthening a social network of supportive peers and a safe environment in which new/developed skills can be practiced, and finally increasing resilience to be better equipped in coping with changing circumstances and uncertain future.


The attendees expressed their gratitude and considered the acquired information as relatable and relevant to their personal lives and circumstances.