Caring for the refugees of Madaba

Caring for the refugees of Madaba

ACCTS held a training session in the city of Madaba with the aim to reach out to the Syrian women refugees living there to help strengthen the resilience and well-being of Syrian women refugees in Madaba.  


28th-30th of November 2017



Madaba, Jordan (ACCTS/AWT) - ACCTS had started a program in the city of Madaba targeting Syrian women refugees settling there and in the neighboring villages. 150 of them will attend the event; this includes those who arrived recently, those who left the camps, those living in Jordan since the beginning of the civil war.


The program will be conducted on a span of 3 months (November-January) where 3 groups of 50 women each will attend a three-day workshop. Such workshops aim to bring Psychosocial/Trauma care to the Syrian women aged between 18 and 60, those who feel abandoned and rejected, suffering from anxiety, and encountering SGBV issues.


We are hoping to reach out to more women in Madaba, to bring awareness and knowledge on topics such as emotional stability, signs of the trauma and how it affects their lives.