Nouara Graduation

Nouara Graduation

ACCTS held a graduation ceremony for the second Nouara discipleship group, having finished the course which took place over a period of two years.


24th November 2017



Amman, Jordan (ACCTS/AWT) - ACCTS had the pleasure to graduate 16 girls who participated and finished the Nouara discipleship group, a two- year program.

After a time of fellowship around breakfast, the ladies, one by one, had presentations prepared on what they have learned from the courses and the effects on their lives after which certificates were handed with a symbolic gift, a silk Hyacinth plant “lavender” to take care of, as a reminder that the journey is just beginning and in order to keep on pouring into their lives.


On the one hand it was very heart-warming to see through the presentations, how much more influential than we thought the sessions were for the participants, but on the other hand it has encouraged us to continue this initiative, having seen fruit from what has been sown.