Celebrating Years of Ministry

Celebrating Years of Ministry


ACCTS had the pleasure to be invited to the anniversary celebration of SALTS ministry and the book launch of “Journey”. 


11th of November 2017


Amman, Jordan ( ACCTS/AWT)- ACCTS had the honor to be invited, among twenty participants, to the fifteenth anniversary of SALTS ministry (Survivors of Abuse Leadership Training Seminars) and the launching of their book, titled Journey, which took place at the west Amman Baptist church, hosted by Wendy Meridian.


As a background, Wendy is an expert in training counselors in sexual abuse recovery through safe small groups. It started out being called SALTS (survivors of abuse leadership training seminars), then Grace Groups, and now, The Journey (Bidyit Ri7liti). For many years SALTS held the trainings at our old center for working women, and it quickly became a sanctuary for healing.


Fast forward, this year SALTS is celebrating the fifteenth year of the Journey in Jordan. The work has been established with Jordanian leaders carrying it forward, the answer to Wendy’s prayers and dreams. SALTS is also now launching the new Journey/Ri7liti book in Arabic, having replaced the American-based content with Jordanian women's stories and images, much more relatable.


We had the pleasure, at the celebration, to hear a short history of the growth and testimonies around music and food. As a sign of support, ACCTS-AWT bought some copies of the book in the hope to use them in our own ministries with abused women groups, to make it available to anyone who has taken the course, and to encourage more leaders to be trained.


We wish the ministry more and more fruit, success and to see lives change in Jordan through their work.