From It Flows The Matters Of Life

“From It Flows The Matters Of Life.”

ACCTS has given a teaching at Al-Ashrafieh Nazarene Church in a meeting gathering women from different backgrounds to meditate on Proverbs 4: 20-27.


14th of October 2017



AlAshrafieh, Amman, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) - The Al-Ashrafieh Church, located near downtown Amman, hosted a women’s meeting, to which twenty-two women participated, with the aim to bring them to self-analysis under the light of Scripture through a sermon given by Dima Fakhouri from ACCTS-AWT staff based on Proverbs 4:20-27, with the focus on the verse 23:


                        “Above all else, guard your heart,

                        for everything you do flows from it.”


They dived into the nature of the heart, the human heart. They were challenged to test it with integrity, the standard of measurement. Also, steps towards keeping their hearts were discussed such as things to avoid and things to do to keep it protected, straight and right.

The attendees expressed feeling uplifted by the teachings. They felt enlightened about the importance of examining one’s heart in the light of the truth and through the microscope of the Holy Spirit. We received very encouraging feedback after the session, whether mouth-to-mouth or via women’s group on WhatsApp.

The participants were receptive and the time shared was definitely not wasted. The hope is to see fruit from what has been instilled: women who take care of their hearts to take better care of those around them.