One More Step to Self-Reliance


One More Step to Self-Reliance

ACCTS Community Center had the pleasure to hold a graduation celebration for participants of one of the many training programs it offers.


26th of September 2017


AlHusn, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) - ACCTS Community Center in AlHusn graduated fourteen ladies after they have accomplished the sewing program which started on the 11thof May and ended on the 26th of September 2017.


The graduates had the opportunity to present the products they made during the course, after which the manager of the center handed to each of them a sewing machine with a certificate as a gift offered by Mountain View Church.


They acquired enough skills in order to easily and quickly do their own alterations and repairs to their clothes avoiding running to the tailor, and thus save their money. They can also make their own clothes, curtains, pillows, etc. Not only can they save money but they can also make a living by selling their products to their relatives, friends and neighbors.


One of the success stories we have is of one of the ladies called Narjes who started her income generating project a couple of weeks before the end of the course by getting a contract with a nearby school to make one hundred and five pieces of school uniform. We are so very proud of her!


All the participants expressed their gratitude to all those who help and empower them with skills, which give them self-confidence by being able to create something by themselves. They also expressed their happiness that comes from finding a warm community at the center, having new friends and relationships. As they specified, they did not come to the center just to receive training but because they found it a safe and comfortable place for them and for their children.


We are looking forward to see how these trainings will be implemented in those women’s lives, and to hear more success stories.