A Pleasant Visit

A Pleasant Visit


ACCTS Community Center’s staff and beneficiaries were honored by the pleasant visit of donors, giving the opportunity to the latter to witness the work being done among Jordanians and refugees.


18th -19th of September 2017



AlHusn, Jordan (ACCTS)- ACCTS Community Center received many friends from different organization such as the pastor of Mountain View Church-Todd Rodarmel, and a group from his church, a group of "Kids Around the World" , "Faith Quest Missions ", and the director of church/Strategic partnerships Western US Region at World Relief – MaryAnn Soriano Malvig and her assistant Annie Scott.


The teams wandered inside the center to see the services provided to the Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian. They met beneficiaries who join different kind of activities and met the staff and some of the center neighbors from the local people. The visitors felt compassion but were pleased and encouraged to see smiles on people's faces. They expressed their admiration of the center's impact on the beneficiaries as well as its impact on the local community. Likewise, the manager of the community center and the staff expressed being encouraged by the visitors’ love and passion to help others.


After the visit MaryAnn Soriano Malvig The director of Church/Strategic Partnerships Western US Region at World Relief, shared, "I'm just humbled that I can see with my own eyes empowering women in action. This makes my heart soar! The fifth largest city in Jordan now is a refugee camp. Look what the Jordanians are doing to help.
These ten refugee women just graduated from a plumbing course in Jordan. They wanted to learn how to fix things in their home so they wouldn’t have to call a plumber or ask their husband. How many American women can do this? I know I can’t. A church from OC provided them with their own “tool kit.” Love this 1000x’s over. Thank you Mountain View for your generosity."

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Here are some pictures from the visits;