Food Processing Workshop

More Skills, More Power

ACCTS-AWT conducted a program on food processing techniques on a period of two weeks, gathering women from different backgrounds with the aim to empower them with skills which can enable them to make their own products, but also a mean to help their families financially.


10th - 25th, July 2017



Irbid, Jordan (A) - Eighteen Syrian and Jordanian women participated in a workshop on food processing techniques conducted at the Al-Husn Community Center.


Food processing is a technique used in the food industry that consists of transforming raw ingredients, by physical or chemical means, into food or of food into other forms that are marketable, and can be easily prepared and served by the consumer. Examples of products produced through this techniques are; pickles, jam, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. As you can deduce, these items are quite essential items in our kitchen pantries.


During these two weeks, the ladies learned and discussed the details of this technique, the items they can produce and how they can do it at home with their own tools and resources. They will not only save money by making their own products, and thus provide their families with healthy and homemade alternatives, but they can also sell them to friends and families!

The participants were very much interested, engaged in the topic, and enjoyed being able to be around women from different backgrounds. We hope that they will put what they learned into practice and will experience the benefits.