A Journey to wholeness

A Journey to wholeness

AWT gave two awareness lectures at Al-Ashrafieh Episcopal Church with the aim to raise awareness and to discuss about the impact of women’s psychological status on her roles at home, with her family and children.


26th of May 2017


Amman, Jordan (ACCT-AWT) - Twenty-five Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian women attended the lectures hosted by AWT, conducted by Basma Gammoh (AWT staff), which took place at the Al-Ashrafieh Episcopal Church. The topics discussed were; the importance of and how to have effective communication inside the family and how pain affects the roles of mothers in the family life.

The participants were encouraged to look into themselves and to analyze where they’re at emotionally.  The response was very positive. They were engaged and some of them were open enough to share their struggles which gave the opportunity for inputs and deeper discussions.

The Grief cycle was mentioned and it was pointed out that during periods of transition, grief or loss of some sort, some people get caught in a certain phase; anger, guilt, etc. differs from person to person. They are paralyzed and are unable to take the next necessary step in their healing journey. One Iraqi lady opened up about how hard it is to be in a country of refuge, not being able to find a job and the lack of education opportunities for her kids. She shared her struggle with feeling hate, anger and her desire for revenge “I discovered that I was stuck in this anger phase for too long, which blocked me from prayer and moving to the adaptation phase. My eyes were unable to see anything good, the open doors and possible solutions for my situation.”  After being enlightened on the subject she mentioned being now ready for change.

Another woman, A Syrian lady was experiencing the effect of loss but on a different side of the spectrum. She has been living for years in pain, blaming herself for her son’s death, for delaying his treatment. With a heart full of sorrow and determined to let go she shared “I will find me a prayer partner to share my heart. I want to set-free from this pain!

The discussion went even deeper with the mention of the four types of life; the plant life, animal life, human life, and spiritual life, encouraging the women to seek the highest level and finest type of life. Consequently, a woman had a spiritual enlightenment, she said, “It’s why I was not able to feel the comfort as a fruit of my prayer. I truly desire to live this life: what shall I do?

That woman was led by her pastor on how to be able to live that quality, everlasting life through confessing her sins, and having that saving relationship with Jesus Christ for a better life!


AWT believes that these women are now equipped to dig in and  go deeper in this healing process, will overcome whatever is keeping them from emotional balance and will see change in their family lives.


For information, please visit: Why women, Women Empowerment.