Training for the Instructors, Dead Sea

Training for the Instructors, Dead Sea

ACCTS attended a training conference at the Dead Sea for people in teaching positions to enhance their leadership and fellowship competences.


1-3 June 2017


Dead Sea, Jordan - The Arab Center in cooperation with Delta ministry in Egypt and PMU organization in Sweden led a special training workshop on new and improved teaching methods while leading interactive training sessions based on group work between the trainers and the targeted trainee group. 20 males and females working in the field of training, education, and ministry attended – our office group involved.

The main topic of the conference was constructive change and how to build new paradigm patterns from within the horizons of thinking and teaching. We were introduced to new ideas that would help us in planning further events in a more productive approach to produce a better outcome with our targeted trainee groups. Besides, the training workshops allowed us as a group to make minor but crucial changes to some of our current projects based on what we learnt in the workshop. Hence, the training was very beneficial to us for it gave us the opportunity to reflect on our current plans and goals, in addition to current used strategies, and fix them if needed.


The principal of a few private schools in Jordan shared with us, “This is the first time I benefit from a training this much. I couldn’t but register every single word said because this will help me change my current approach of teaching tremendously so I can implement it fruitfully in all my classes.”


The team of the Arab Center directed four interactive lectures which were considered a base stone for new trainees to rise from within the institution. The aim of these workshops was to raise the readiness of institutions to rely on its already existing staff to lead future training sessions thus strengthening the staff. If the staff is well trained, they will be able to handle more tasks and take control of more projects and events that would help their institutions drastically.