Discipleship unto fruitfulness

Discipleship unto fruitfulness

AWT Hosted a discipleship training session “Nouara” (phase 4) for the second group of trainees and it was held at the ACCTS office.


28th-29th of April 2017



Amman, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) - twelve women attended the discipleship training given by Martina and Basma, staff members at AWT.  The subject discussed was how to have a balanced and healthy life, addressing all aspects; mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual, aiming to encourage and equip women to reach their true potential, discover their gifting and impact their communities.


Some topics  under the umbrella of balanced lifestyle such as the tree of roles (boundaries), values and success in regards to goals, the wheel of Life, health, friendship, emotional eating, fun and enjoyment, finances, work and action plan, were discussed in the light of Ezekiel 37;1 : ”The hand of the Lord was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the Lord and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones” .


The study session was definitely impactful and informative for the participants and for some even life-changing, seeing things through different lenses and angles. Below are some testimonies of the changes these women saw in their lives by attending the discipleship program;.


“I was inquiring about my ministry and gift. Attending this training made me recognize my gift (Mercy and encouragement), which differs than my ministry. Being a balanced and not a burnt-out woman is a very essential topic to learn about. I would love to share the material with the new generation of moms, so as to avoid repeating our mother’s past mistakes. I recognized that true success is not about achievement and being a super woman, but rather about working balance in our wheel of life. I have decided to work on the circle of friendship that is weak in my life. On my way back home from the training, God opened my eyes to someone who can be a potential good friend to provide joy and support. I decided to add more fun and happiness to my household atmosphere.”


“I am not happy about my wheel of life in regard to health and money. It is my next homework to work on those two areas. I have to fix them in order to achieve balance.”


"I was struggling with feelings of insignificance in regard to my ministry at Sunday school. But I became more mature, and recognized that it is fruitful and can be influential.

I put the tree of roles model on my desk at work to remind me of pursuing my goal to be fruitful!

I used to think of myself as an unattractive woman who does not get the attention. However, and through the relational needs training, God spoke to me about relationships. I have a feeling that I am being led along the proper pathway."


These are just a few of the amazing testimonies that we get to hear and be encouraged by. We are confident that greater things are to come and we are more than thrilled to see the increase of positive impact these discipleship sessions will have on our trainees.