Aloe Vera Presentation 

Aloe Vera Presentation 

An informational presentation given by Dr. Mourad Rouibet at Amman office.

25 March 

Amman, Jordan - We were delighted to have Dr. Mourad Rouibet in the AWT center Amman office to give a presentation on his work with Aloe Vera based products. Dr. Mourad Rouibet is a General practitioner who consults in alternative and dietary medicine. He is also a manager for Forever living products. 20 ladies and a man attended the workshop to hear more about the power of Aloe Vera. 

Dr. Mourad pointed out the many benefits of this natural ingredient. These include weight loss, curing cystic acne, helping with infertility, healing burns, tooth discoloration and many more. He also gave personal examples of how Aloe Vera has miraculously cured wounds and acne during his time in the field. 

Our attendees were surprised by all of the wonderful benefits Aloe Vera can have on the human body. Moreover, each participant was invited to become a networker for the brand and enter their discount scheme. 

Please visit this link to understand more about the benefits of Aloe Vera and products who swear by this key natural ingredient: Forever living Products.